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Special event science fair

Science Booths

Booths are $180 per hour
Travel fees apply outside of St. Louis City and County and in far west St. Louis County.

Most Popular Make-and-Take Booths

Slippery Science – Discover the ooey gooey origins of plastic and see why plastic can be so
hard to break. Make your own slippery slime to go!
Scientific Principles: Polymer Science, States of Matter and Chemical Reactions

Cotton Candy Booth – Have you been to the carnival lately? Ever wonder how that fluffy cotton candy is made? Taste the science behind the magical transformation of solid sugar crystals to spun floss. Yummy!
Scientific Principles: Heat, Expansion and States of Matter

Super Ball Factory – Ever wonder how super balls are made? What makes them bounce so high? Join us in the super ball factory and transform special crystals into real super balls you can bounce all the way home. Each super ball is one of a kind!
Scientific Principles: Polymer Science, Hydration and Physical Reactions

Pet Tornados – Tornados are so cute, you just want to take them home! Learn about the swirling whirling world of vortexes. The Mad Scientist demonstrates how a vortex is created, how it works, and how that makes the natural phenomenon of a tornado! Then each child gets to make their very own pet tornado to take home with them.
Scientific Principles: Vortex, Tornadoes 

Demonstration Booths

Vortex Generator - Perhaps one of the best parts of a birthday is getting to blow out the candles on the cake. However imagine being able to blow out those candles from all the way across the room! During this demonstration, participants will use scientific concepts to blow out a candle from nearly 20ft. away and ultimately learn how air can travel long distances.

Static Electricity - Carpet, doorknobs, sweaters, balloons. Static electricity can come in various objects and forms. During this demonstration, participants will get to witness the effect of static electricity first hand. This demonstration is so mind-blowing, it’ll make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up—literally!

Dry Ice - Ever wondered how the infamous fog effect is generated? You guessed it…dry ice! Not only is this dangerously cold form of carbon dioxide good at fogging up a room, it is also used to illustrate several other cool effects. During this demonstration, participants will learn all of the chilling facts behind dry ice, in addition to conjuring up a few magical potions using the element itself!

Premium Make-and-Take Booths
The following hands-on booths are $265 per hour and limited to 100 children per hour.

Stunt Planes – The Wright Brother would be proud as we follow in their footsteps and learn the fundamental principles of flight. Build your very own loop-flying stunt plane. You’ll be a top gun!
Scientific Principles: Basics of Flight and Aerodynamics, Drag, Gravity, Lift, Thrust

Submarine Room – Find out how a submarine captain can spy above the surface of the ocean. Build a periscope that enables you to look around corners…and when you’re finished, it’s yours to keep!
Scientific Principles: Optics, Light and Reflection

Color Changing Key Chains – Make your very own key chain that when the sun’s ultraviolet rays react with the beads your beads become amazing colors.
Scientific Principle – Ultraviolet Light  

Note: One Mad Scientist can accommodate 6-8 children at a time for the hands-on activity. Depending on the booth, each child will spend 3-5 minutes participating in the activity, so in one hour, with one Mad Scientist, approximately 60-100 children can go through a booth.

Mad Science booths are scheduled by the hour.  We can provide an estimate of the number of children that can participate in a booth during a scheduled timeframe. However, due to the nature of booths, we cannot guarantee the exact number of children who can participate during that timeframe. 




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