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Special event halloween
Special event halloween

Dove Pan - Halloween Party Experiment

Do you have a fear of spiders? Well you are not alone. With nearly millions of men and women being fearful of the creepy crawlers, arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias in the world. These eight-legged insects are one of the most petrifying creatures known to man. They spin their sticky webs, and crawl up walls and onto surfaces in the blink of an eye. With their furry skin and sneaky charm these creepy pests will add a dangerous amount of terror to your Halloween party. It is no wonder why our Mad Scientist wants the spider to disappear.

The scientist’s severe arachnophobia makes him desperate to get rid of the scary ol’ spider, but how can this be done? The spider’s keen senses, including its 6 eyes make it extremely hard to be out smarted, even by a nifty scientist. But perhaps with the help of the clever audience, our Mad Scientist will be able to defeat the troublesome insect once and for all.

During this experiment, the children will assist the Mad Scientist with the task of making a spine-chilling spider vanish into thin air. Magic is exciting but will it get the job done? Or will we have to use a little science to do the trick?

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Spider Facts

    • There are nearly 40,000 different species of spiders.
    • The giant huntsman species have a leg span of 12 inches.
    • The black widow species have been known to inject poisonous venom into human after biting them.
    • The tarantula species have the ability to kill animals more than 3x its size including mice, lizards, and birds.
    • Certain species of spiders are cannibals, therefore they eat each other.
    • All spiders have either 6 or 8 eyes depending on the species.
    • Not all spiders spin webs, however the ones that do tend to spin a new web each day while rolling the old web into a ball and devouring it.

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