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Encourage Your Kids To Invent!

Apr 2, 2019 12:00 AM

Children are naturally creative and curious, and this makes them ideal little inventors. Parents are often keen to encourage this side of their children, and it certainly makes sense to do so. After all, inventing is an amazing way to foster your child’s problem solving abilities, creativity and thinking skills. Inventing solutions to solve problems also takes a lot of time and requires children to test out lots of different options. Along the way, they learn the essential life skills of patience and coping with failure. In short, encouraging children to develop their inventive side can offer a host of benefits that will give your child great advantages over their classmates in the long run.

Successful Child Inventors

There are a number of inventors out there who actually achieved amazing success while they were still in school. If you want to inspire your kids to try their hands at inventing something of their own, these stories should really impress them:

· The pocket diaper – Chelsea Lannon was only in kindergarten when she was inspired to invent the pocket diaper while helping her mom to care for her little brother. In 1994, she was given the patent for inventing this diaper with an integrated pocket to hold a powder puff and a wet wipe. She was just 8 years old.

· Earmuffs – Chester Greenwood is responsible for inventing the earmuffs that help keep us warm in the winter. He was just 15 when he was so frustrated about his cold ears during ice skating that he sought to find an alternative to wrapping his scarf about his head. Not only was Chester given the patent for this invention, he actually carried on inventing and obtained more than a hundred other patents.

· Reassembling toy trucks – a 6 year old named Robert Patch held the honor of being the youngest ever U.S. citizen to be granted a patent in 1963 when he used nails, bottle caps and shoe boxes to make toy trucks with parts which could be dismantled and reassembled into different kinds of truck.

· Crayon holders – when Cassidy Goldstein was 11 she was so frustrated that all her crayons had broken that she invented crayon holders – the perfect way to hold crayons even if they’re broken. A year later, she was awarded her patent.

Encouraging Your Child’s Inventor Side

Is your child inspired to become an inventor? Are you keen for your son or daughter to develop their own problem solving side? Our summer camp is the ideal solution! With a focus on making things and developing creativity, our Mad Science “Make It” camp gives kids from Kindergarten right up to Grade 6 the opportunity to learn new skills, broaden their horizons and try out experiments that will engage and entertain at the same time. You can rest assured that your kids will be learning without even realizing it!

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