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Winter Parties - Explore Magical Winter Experiments!

Nov 19, 2018 12:00 AM

The Christmas countdown has begun, and the kids are bouncing off the walls hardly able to contain their excitement – and it is only November! By the time the first week of December rolls around, their energy levels will have doubled in anticipation of the magical winter holidays. Kids are fascinated by every aspect of Christmas, from the twinkling lights to the changing season and the science behind it. Why not channel their enthusiasm into an unforgettable winter party that is both fun and educational?

The winter parties offered by St. Louis’ Mad Science team will give parents a welcome break from answering all the questions their little mad scientists may have about snow, the melting and freezing process and the chemical reactions behind fireworks.

As the leading science enrichment program for kids of all ages, Mad Science is all about a hands-on learning approach in and outside of classroom settings. Through entertaining storytelling and captivating experiments led by experts even your family’s youngest nutty professor will broaden their scientific horizons by ways of helping the winter party’s protagonist, Santa Eggbert, solve various problems.

The Mad Science holiday packages are the ideal way to bring educational Christmas vibes into your home and keep the children entertained and delighted for the entire day. Parents are welcome to join their little mad scientists as they help Santa Eggbert weather a snow storm made up of Styrofoam balls and de-frost a Snowman, but will probably find themselves excluded from the fun – the kids are alright, they’ve got this.

Helping Santa Eggbert get through the snowstorm and prepare colorful fireworks will prove to be an important Christmas mission, one your kids will pride themselves in handling on their own. This gives parents the perfect excuse to sit back and experiment with the science of eggnog while the children embark on their adventures through Santa’s Eggville.

With franchises located around the world, Mad Science offers science education programs to millions of children a year inspiring scientific literacy at any age. Mad Science designs entertaining science programs that follow a seasonal storyline through which children get to learn more about what makes this magical time of year so enchanting in the comforts of their own home.

Mad Science’s winter parties will quickly turn into your family’s new Christmas tradition, one that will even bring squabbling siblings together through team work. As soon as the children slip on their spectrum glasses to explore every color of the rainbow or marvel over dry ice experiments, the issue over who ate the last Christmas cookie will have been long forgotten. These unique winter parties guarantee a harmonious, thrilling day for the entire family and can easily be built into your holiday routine.

Book your Mad Science winter party package now and watch your living room transform into Santa’s Eggville while your children slip into their lab coats eager to get started on their important Christmas mission: to explore the wintery season through scientific madness!

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