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4 Ways Summer Camps Help Prepare Children for the "Real World"

Mar 3, 2017 12:00 AM

Only when you have experienced the goodness of summer camp, is when you realize the value of attending a program that prepares you for many life assignments down the road. Giving your child the opportunity of attending a well-designed program, such as camp, can help your child develop many of the skills required to overcome challenges and make decisions that will positively affect any situation. Opportunities for emotional and social development are crucial in any child’s life, as these are the components that shape healthy development. Summer camp is the way to go if you want your children to be prepared for whatever life throws at them.

Below are 4 ways summer camp can prepare children for the real world:


Children learn how to work as team

Teamwork allows children to understand that one can accomplish greater, or better results if work is done in a group. Working as a team allows children to exchange ideas, and figure out which one will work best when it comes to finding a solution. It also lets children appreciate the value of help, and that it’s okay to work with others to accomplish any task. These skills are essential in the real world because kids learn how to ask for help when situations get difficult. Working as a team also helps children build relationships with confidence as they engage in activities that require the ideas of everyone in the group. When children are placed in situations where their voice counts, it encourages them to keep going because their input and ideas are valuable.


The camp environment teaches children resilience

When children are engaging in the activities at summer camp they are encountering challenges that encourage them to keep trying, even when the situation seems tough. Accepting a downfall allows children to see that success doesn’t come on the first try and that it requires plenty of persistence and determination. This prepares kids for real life battles and barriers that one can overcome if the determination is not lost. Some children have trouble accepting failure, and often feel discouraged when success is not met. When children are resilient, they accept troubles as part of life but stay encouraged to continue no matter the circumstance.


Summer camp allows children to be independent

Spending summer at camp allows children to break-away from traditional summer activities and opens the door to a whole new experience. Living in a cabin, for example, gives them the opportunity to look out for themselves and do the necessary things to survive on their own and away from their parents. Most kids are used to their parents cooking for them, but at camp, children are independent and learn how to cook their own meals. Learning how to be independent helps kids develop skills that will help them face challenging issues that only they can resolve. At summer camp, kids also learn how to do things on their own: make their bed, organize their room, and do other chores that have been assigned to them. Kids learn not to depend on anyone and that part of growing up comes with certain responsibilities.


Summer camp encourages children to remove themselves from their comfort zone

Sometimes children feel comfortable engaging in opportunities where they can do what they like and what they are good at. Although it is good for a child to do what he or she is most comfortable with, it often limits them to opportunities that can help them discover their full potential. At summer camp, kids remove themselves from the idea that they cannot be competent at certain things and simply take chances. This is something very important in the real world, especially when facing moments of adversity. It helps kids learn that when something is not functioning or going as it should, it is important to take other routes or opportunities to change the circumstance.

Summer camp provides children with amazing opportunities that help them be better equipped for adulthood. Allowing your child to be part of such an amazing program can truly make a difference, and every child should have the opportunity to engage in an environment that will prepare them for their life.

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