Our Make-and-Take Fun Station Themes


Slimy Science

Discover the ooey gooey origins of plastic and see why plastic is so hard to break. Kids make their own slippery slime to go! Can accommodate up to 100 children per hour.


Cotton Candy

Have you been to the carnival with your family lately? Ever wonder how that fluffy cotton candy is made? Kids taste the science behind the magical transformation of solid sugar crystals into spun floss. Yummy! Can accommodate 75-100 children per hour.


Bouncy Ball Factory

Ever wonder how bouncy balls are made? What makes them bounce so high? Kids join us in the bouncy ball factory and transform special crystals into real bouncy balls that can bounce all the way home. Can accommodate 50-80 children per hour.


Pet Torando

Tornados are so cute, you just want to take them home! Learn about the swirling whirling world of vortexes. The Mad Scientist demonstrates how a vortex is created, how it works, and how that makes the natural phenomenon of a tornado! Then each child gets to make their very own pet tornado to take home with them. Can accommodate up to 100 children per hour.


Paper Airplanes

Create your own paper airplanes from some super cool Mad Science designs. Discover how the forces of flight determine how it flies. Can accommodate up to 100 children per hour.


Submarine Room Premium Station

Find out how a submarine captain can spy above the surface of the ocean. Build a periscope that enables you to look around corners…and when you’re finished, it’s yours to keep!


Foam Stunt Planes Premium Station

The Wright Brother would be proud as we follow in their footsteps and learn the fundamental principles of flight. Build your very own loop-flying stunt plane. You’ll be a top gun!


Color-Changing Key Chains Premium Station

Make your very own key chain that when the sun’s ultraviolet rays react with the beads your beads become amazing colors.


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