Our Party Themes


Air Blast

Kids check out dissolving foam as the scientist uses chemistry to break it down. Watch air pressure's effect on Eggbert, our egg friend who lives in a scientific flask. Experience a vortex of air shooting across the room with our vortex generator. Hear the pop of the piezo popper as gas ignites in a tiny container. Make slime to take home! Recommended for ages 5-8


Mad About Blue

This event dazzles and amazes children as find out how science makes water “disappear” in a cup. See the glow under our UV light as we make things fluoresce. Discover the color of fireworks with some (very safe) indoor fireworks to celebrate their birthday. Make slime to take home! Recommended for ages 7-12


It's Not Magic

Uncover the science behind magic. Discover that many amazing magic tricks aren't magic...it's science! Find out how chemistry can be used to make "water" into "juice". Find out who a dollar can be unburned after it's lit on fire! Use your mind (or maybe just chemistry) to make ink appear in a tube! Experience a booming balloon to end it! Make your own slime to take home! Recommended for ages 7-12


Secret Agent Party

Sharpen your special operative skills and learn about the secret world of espionage. Use our special paper to make an edible secret message. Use your observation skills to find where spies hide messages. Use your spy skills to do the laser limbos to find a secret recipe to create a very special glow-in-the dark slime to take home! Recommended for ages 6-12


Dinosaur Party

Travel back in time to the land of the dinosaurs and learn about dino eggs, asteroids, volcanic explosions and dinosaur bones! Act like an archaeologist and participate in your very own dino dig. Make your very own dinosaur tooth and tar slime to take home! Recommended for ages 4-7. - Specialty party


Winter/Holiday Party

Mad Science will get everyone in the holiday spirit! From melting a snowman to witnessing an indoor fireworks display, this holiday party package will amaze and captivate kids. Experience the cold of winter with dry ice! Discover how chemistry will help clean up the Styrofoam "snowballs". Wear special glasses to experience the colorful lights of the season. Make slime! - Specialty party



Celebrate the spooky season with our Halloween-themed science party! Use science to reverse a witch's spell on Count Eggbert. Experience creepy potions, a dry ice cemetery effect, and floating eyeballs that will amaze everyone! Recommended for ages 5-12. - Specialty party


Little Top (Preschool)

Kids bounce toy clowns on a mini trampoline, as they learn about elastic forces. They learn that the clowns can do somersaults because of the change in their center of gravity. No older than age 5.


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